About Sandy Twinning Association

Welcome to the home page of the Sandy Twinning Association which has been operating since 1982 when a charter was signed between Sandy and Malaunay in the Normandy region of France.

Sandy and Malaunay are small towns of roughly similar size, and both situated in a predominately agricultural area. Both towns are situated approximately the same distance from their administrative county towns of Bedford and Rouen respectively.

Over the years several hundred people from both towns have been involved in visits and activities between the two communities.

The year 2002 saw the celebration of 20 years of cooperation between our two towns and this website was originally launched to celebrate that event with the intent of keeping our current membership up to date with our activities and also to inform anyone who wishes to know more about our town and its links with both Malaunay and Skarszewy in Poland with which we also have a working but very much younger link than with Malaunay.

The site has since developed into a National Portal for the benefit of all Twinning Groups/Associations within the United Kingdom of whatever size, large or small, city or hamlet.

Please follow the links to navigate your way through the site. We would also like to recommend the website of our French friends of the Comite de Jumelage of Malaunay, you will find a link to this site on the Malaunay page.

The Sandy Twinning Association is open to people of all ages and to interested groups.

Subsciptions are Adults £3.00, Family £6.00, Pensioners £2.00
just contact either - for France - David Gale 01767 226070 or for Poland - Max Hill 01767 681469

Everyone is welcome, we are a very friendly bunch.

Sandy Annual General Meeting report 2009 can be found here