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Partnerships give towns the opportunity to work together on a variety of local issues exchanging best practice and expertise, providing cultural and educational exchanges and assisting technical development. If your local authority/community is interested in developing a partnership or finding out more about any of the communities listed on this page, please contact James Beadle at the LGA ([email protected] ). Alternatively, you can complete our link request form (word). The following overseas communities are registered with the LGA as seeking a permanent and wide ranging partnership with a UK community/local authority:

Albania Prrenjas, Elbasani Population: 8,500 Prrenjas is located 105Km away from the country’s capital, Tirana. Prrenjas is situated in a beautiful natural area and is looking for a partner to engage in a range of projects at the community level.

Argentina Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires province Population: 541,733 Largest seaside resort & 7th largest city in Argentina, 400km south of Buenos Aires. Good education and cultural facilities. Many existing international links, looking to involve UK.

Esquel, Chubut, Patagonia Population: 35,000 Esquel is a large city in the Andes region of Welsh Patagonia. It is a tourism town, specialising in adventure activities such as skiing & rafting. It also has a large agricultural centre and a university. A all-round link is envisaged with a Welsh town.

Belgium Chiny, Guame Population: 5,072 Chiny is a a widespread rural community including 14 villages, located near the French border. Chiny is looking to develop cultural and tourist links as well as language exchanges.

La Hulpe Population: 7,300 La Hulpe is located in the south of Brussels and its main economic activities are in the service sector. They are looking for a cultural link with a similar city.

Bulgaria Popovo, Tagoviste Population: 36,000 NE region of the country. The municipality contains many historical attractions from the Thracians, Romans, Byzantines & Turks. General link requested, some focus on technical and professional; EU projects for future accession.

Razlog, Blagoevgrad Population: 23,000 In SW, near Macedonian & Greek borders. Mixed economy with growing tourism. Famous for preserved Thracian monuments & as setting for folklore events. Looking for general link under EU town twinning.

Cameroon Fundong Population: 61,300 Fundong is located in the northwest province of Cameroon and is 60 km from Bamenda. Its main economic activities are agricultural. They are looking for an all-purpose link with an emphasis on assistance in the infrastructural domain.

China Anhui Province Population: 6,400,000 Administrative division of Eastern China, incorporating 17 cities & 56 counties. The provincial capital is Hefei. Area is known for manufacturing, tourism & science & education. Proposing general link for local government inc. economic & cultural exchange

Nanchang Population: 4,600,000 Nanchang is the capital of Jiangxi province in the SW, approx. 800km from Shanghai. They are looking for an all-round link, but especially one that will build on current economic successes.

Czech Republic Brezineves Population: 750 Village on northern outskirts of Prague. Residential area looking for a link particularly for cooperation in culture and sport.

Frydek-Mistek Population: 60,000 Modern city in mountainous area bordering Slovakia and Poland. Rich history with many attractions including a castle. Tourism is a growing sector. Looking for a link to exchange experience of town development.

Suchdol Population: 5,000 Suburb in NW of Prague including Agricultural University & Academy of Science. Suchdol was first recorded in the 10th century as having the first Christian church in Bohemia. Looking for to exchange information, experience and visits.

Egedal, Copenhagen region Population: 40,000 Egedal dates back thousands of years according to archaeological records. Mainly a rural area, more recently, proximity to Copenhagen has built up the area. The kommune are keen for cultural & social visits and especially school & youth links.

Ethiopia Tigri, Mekelle Population: 200,000 Tigri has a large university campus where the main economic activity is agriculture based. Tigri is looking for a link with schools as well as local services and technical cooperation.

France Aubevoye, Eure Population: 4,400 50km from Rouen & 80km from Paris, Aubevoye is also only 1 hour from the Normandy beaches. Looking for a partnership for cultural exchange.

Canejan, Aquitaine Population: 5,121 Canejan is located 15km from Bordeaux in the South-West of France. Canejan engages in many sporting activities and events, including large cycle trails in the nearby countryside.

Cheronnac, Haute-Vienne Population: 400 Main focus on cultural and social exchange, preferably with similarly agricultural area.

Ludon-Medoc, Aquitaine Population: 3,500 15kms from Bordeaux, 40kms from coast in vineyard area of Medoc. Cultural and social visits envisaged for young community.

Nanteuil-les-Meaux, Ile-de-France Population: 5,000 Located just 40 minutes from Paris, Nanteuil-les-Meux is a small town located near to the countryside. Interested in school and youth exchanges as well as cultural and social visits.

Neufchatel-Hardelot Population: 3,657 Neufchatel-Hardelot is within easy reach of the UK and boasts numerous sporting facilities, including two 18-hole golf courses and a large empty sandy beach where important sand-yachting events are staged. Looking for a link to support their strong historical and cultural links with the UK.

Ploumilliau Population: 2,488 Ploumilliau is located in the Brittany region, and is looking for a partner to engage in cultural, economic and social initiatives. The link would engage a range of local businesses, schools and organisations.

Germany Hagen, Nordrhein-Wesfalen Population: 196,000 Hagen lies between on edge of the Ruhr area. A previous steel producer, Hagen now focuses on the educational and cultural sectors with many small and medium sized companies located in the city. Hagen is looking for a partner to assist in a range of activities including, transport and community based projects.

Rethem, Niedersachsen Population: 2,500 Located between Bremen and Hanover, Rethem is well connected. A British partner is sought for cultural events, school and youth exchanges, music and singing festivals. Ideally would like to welcome a new partner at anniversary celebrations in 2008.

Gmund am Tegernsee, Bavaria Population: 6,000 This lake side community is in a rural area where farming is common, but has an increasing tourist trade. They are looking for a link based on cultural and social visits, particularly involving youth.

Ghana Etordome, Volta Region Population: 400 Etordome is around 25km from the principal town of Volta Region, Ho. Those living there belong to the Botoku people of Ewe tribe and are mostly engaged in farming, with some craft for extra income. A link is sought for economic & education in particular.

Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira District Population: 129,000 Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira is one of the thirteen districts located in central Ghana. The district’s principle economic activities are palm oil and cocoa production. They are looking to link with a rural community who are also heavily involved in agricultural activities.

Hungary Pilisjazfalu, Pest Population: 1,350 This municipality in the central region of Hungary is looking for a link to boost community spirit through cultural events, creating education links and making mutual bids on EU tenders.

India Sadhana Villages, Maharashtra Population: 3,000 Kolwan Valley, 100km east of Mumbai has 19 villages at the foot of the hills. Links are sought for individual villages or as a collective, for a multi-level partnership inc. education, social & economic co-operation, with a modernisation theme.

Italy Chiari, Lombardy Population: 18,000 Chiari is located about 60km from Milan and is a small industrial town in a rural setting. Its main industries are metal, textile and woodwork.

Morazzone, Varese Population: 4,193 55km NW of Milan this hilly region centres on its historical centre. Some prehistoric findings & continuous historical records. Undergone economic change from agriculture to post-industrial. Interested in twinning inc. whole town with similar background.

Mugnano des Cardinale, Campania Population: 5,302 Mugnano is c.30km from Naples. It is in a rural area and has a number of small enterprises. It is also a historic city with Roman ruins. Looking for general linking with technical, economic and cultural links, inc youth and social visits.

Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Jonio, Calabria Population: 2,500 Small city in the South of Italy looking for link involving youth, cultural & social visits. Hoping to bid for 'Town Twinning' fund from EC.

Santa Luce, Tuscany Population: 1,600 Santa Luce is a rural community where the main activity is agriculture. Santa Luce is looking for a partnership based on either; cultural, agriculture or youth exchange.

Maniace, Catania Population: 3,600 Situated between the north-western slopes of Mount Etna and the Southern Slopes of Nebrodi, Maniace is looking for a partner to engage in a range of cultural activities.

San Michele, Salentino Population: 6,300 www.commune, San Michele is located 15km from the Adriatic coast and its main economic activities are agriculture (olive oil, almonds, and figs) and agro-tourism. Interested in a link for cultural and youth exchanges.

Kenya Pokot, West Pokot Population: 500,000 Located in the NW of the Rift Valley province, along the border with Uganda. Pokot are looking for an all-round link including technical, economic, youth and cultural visits.

Korea Paju, Gyeonggi Population: 295,877 Paju is 30Km north of Seoul and is predominantly an industrial city. Paju is located 1 hour away from the international airport and is looking for mutual exchange visits.

Macedonia Probistip Population: 16,193 NE of the country, 110km from capital. Economic & historic base in mining, now also trade & industry. Looking for all round link under EU town twinning.

Aerodrom, Skopje Population: 80,000 A municipality in the centre of Skopje, the capital. A manufacturing & trading centre, also benefits from the cultural activities of the capital. Interested in EU programs, especially projects for local integration, economic & social development.

Mali Toumboun, Kayes Population: 2,000 This traditional village is in the SW of Mali. Its main activities are agriculture, craft and commerce. It has a primary school, mosque & church. Looking for a cultural & social link with a coastal or rural area.

Namibia Ruacana Population: 5,000 Ruacana is located in the Omusati region (northwest part of Namibia). They are looking for an economic link with a coastal or rural community.

Poland Michalowice, Malopolska Population: 7,500 Located in south of Poland, 10km from both city & airport of Cracow. Dating back to the 12th century, Michalowice was predominantly an agricultural village, but services & tourism are increasingly important to the economy. Looking for wide cooperation.

Ledzin, Bieru Population:16,000 pop Ledziny seeks partner to engage in Youth and cultural activities. Also looking to share ideas and experiences around the implementation of the Handicapped Children Integration Programme currently underway in the town.

Portugal Valenca, Viana do Castelo Population: 15,000 In north of country, capital of Minho Valley area. Important European fortress and historical centre of heritage buildings. Would like twinning to promote cooperation in the fields of culture, education, toruism, economy and local administration.

Russia Luberetskyi, Moscow Population: 260,000 5km SW of Moscow, this popular area is mainly known for its industry. Established since 1621, it achieved city status in 1925. Looking for friendly & strong links incorporating administration, industry and culture.

Spain Alcobendas, Madrid Population: 105,000 Economic activities mainly industrial & service led, with some new technology bases. Looking for link for language, culture & sport.

San Fulgencio, Alicante Population: 10,000 30k from Alicante & 5k from coast. Traditional agricultural links with more recent tourism development. Looking for mainly social & cultural link, with possible school exchanges; economic & technical links also possible.

Benitachell, Alicante Population: 5,000 Benitachell lies on the Costa Blanca, between the cities of Alicante and Valencia and is looking for a partner to engage in youth and cultural visits. They are interested in twinning with a community in the South West of England due to the similarities with the region.

Meco, Madrid Population: 13,000 Meco is one of the youngest communities in the province of Madrid and is about 40km from the capital. From agricultural beginnings, recent economic growth has provided more work. Looking to hold cultural, educational and social exchanges.

Tunisia Chihia, Sfax Population: 23,625 Chihia is a calm and beautiful area which is fast developing as a place for people to come and live. Chihia is known for its small businesses, oil factories and the development of private industry.

Turkey Kartal, Istanbul Population: 500,000 Kartal is located in a district of Istanbul.Kartal places great importance on its industry and service sector and is interested in links for both business and cultural benefits.

Uskudar, Istanbul Population: 495,000 At the intersection of Marmara Sea & the Bosphorus, Uskudar is now mainly a residential area.Historically it was strategically important to Byzantines & Ottomans. Looking for a general link, with strong social components, making use of EU funding.

Uganda Bushenyi-Ishaka Population: 40,000 A trading town in merchandise, fruit and vegetable and livestock is located South West of Kampala. Ishaka is surrounded by beautiful countryside and is seeking a partner to engage in health based projects.

Kakooge Population: 12,000 Kakooge is located 87 kilometers from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. They are looking to establish economic links with a rural community.

This list was current at the time of issuing this page, please check with the LGA website for an up to date listing.

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