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Articles on Twinning

A series of eleven articles from the Local Government Association (LGA)

Partnerships and TwinningGeneral information on twinning

Current RequestsCurrent requests for partners

Establishing a linkAdvice on how to establish a link.

European OrganisationsEuropean organisations involved in Town Twinning

Finding the FundingSome ideas for funding your twinning activites

Managing TwinningAdvice on how to organise your twinning activities

Revitalising a TwinningThoughts on how to "pick up" a tired or failing twinning

The Steps of TwinningThe steps of Twinning

Twinning and Young PeopleInvolving youth projects in your twinning

Visits and ExchangesGeneral advice for travelling overseas and for preparing for exchange visits

LGA Database of Twinned Towns Database of all Twinned Towns listed by the LGA

A short series of articles for groups considering a website

Why a website? What can it do for you?

Building a website Things to consider

Translation The pro's & con's

Protection Protect your website

Other articles.

Je crois

An amusing, three part, somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at France and the French from Jon Norris a committed Francophile.

English Language summer school

This article charts the development of an English language initiative in North East Poland written by Max Hill

Town Twinning

A short article on Town Twinning

Personal twinning experiences

Two short articles from the newsletter of Harlow Town Twinning Association describing very different experiences of twinning.

Taking your pet to France

Useful information and experiences on taking your pet on a twinning visit by Anne & Jack Loader

Taking your pet to France - Further thoughts

Additional thoughts and comments regardiing taking your pet to France including updated information by Anne & Jack Loader

The story of Sedberghs Television programme

The story of how a town was twinned in a television series, by David Collier

Folk Carol Festival, December 2006

The story of how the language of music brought East and West together, by David Burbidge

Another 'Crise de Nerfs' for Modern Foreign Languages

An article by Max Hill regarding the problems of Language Tuition within todays Educational System

Why have School Trips Developed a Bad Reputation

An article by Max Hill about the problems of organising school trips, of especial interest to any group trying to involve their local schools in their twinning links.

Becoming a Community Interest Company

A short description by Cindy Bentley of the Wetherby Twinning Association describing why and how they became a Community Interest Company.

Other articles to follow soon.

The Fun Aspects of Twinning

A brief look at some different takes on the ocnept of Twinning, including fictional and publicity stunts


The Real France

A brilliant article on the benefits and joy of twinning from both the British and French points of view, the same article in two languages, just changed to reflect the viewe of both nationalities