The UK Town Twinning Portal is the only Independant Website in the United Kingdom open to all the Twinning Communities in the country, covering all types of Twinning Links from small hamlets to major cities.

The "Portal" serves as an Information Point providing the Location of Twinning Associations around the country, a meeting point and discussion vehicle between groups, and an introduction to useful services of interest to Twinning Groups.

We also provide live links to the Websites of our members where available and to other websites of interest, for example Educational and Religous Websites, Travel, International Groups, Language Tuition Sources etc.

The "Portal" is a rapidly growing site and since its inception last year has grown from nothing to over (at the time of writing) 390 individual Links between the UK and the rest of the World and is constantly in the top 10 results in most Major Search Engines (usually within the first 5 results) and has probably the highest Google Page Ranking of any non-governmental Twinning site.

Sponsorship with the UK Town Twinning Portal is designed to provide a cost effective way of presenting your products/services to a specifically targeted audiance.

All parts of the "Portal" (with the exception of the Forums) is available for Sponsorship.

Sponsorship Options

There are three Sponsorship Options available within the UK Town Twinning Portal

Option One

Whole Site Sponsorship

This option has been taken.

This is your opportunity to be an exclusive whole site sponsor within the UK Town Twinning Portal

Your Logo with up to 60 words of Text and a Live Link to your own website will appear on every single page of the "Portal".

This will be positioned at the top of the contents section of each page as shown above

Your Logo will also appear at the top of every single e-mail and Newsletter sent out from the "Portal"

Option Two

Section Sponsorship

Sponsor one of our two major sections e.g. "Find your Local Group" or the "Articles Section" and your Logo, up to 30 words of Text and a live link to your website will be displayed on every page of the section in the form shown in the larger of the two boxes to the right of this page

Option Three

Single Page Sponsor

Sponsor any single page (special rates for the "Homepage") and Your Logo, up to 15 words of Text and a Link to your website will be displayed on the page of your selection in the form shown in the smaller box on the right of this page.

Pricing Structure

Option One - Whole Site Sponsorship. This option is already taken. This is available at the cost of only £250 per annum. Remember that there can only be one Whole Site Sponsor giving you prime exposure on every single page of the site. There are currently 82 seperate pages and growing constantly.

Option Two - Section Sponsor. This option is priced according to the section.

"Find your Local Group":- This section currently contains 48 pages but is anticipated to eventually have a seperate page for each County and Unitary Authority in the United Kingdom and is priced at £160 per annum.

"Articles Section":- This section which includes our General Articles/Humorous/Recipes/News pages currently contains 30 pages (and growing) and is priced at £90 per annum.

Option Three - Single Page Sponsor. With this option you can sponsor any individual page in the site, ideal if your interest is in one specific geographic locality or area of the site and is priced at £20 per annum with a discount of 25% per page for additional pages. Except for the "Homepage" which, due to it's position is £45.(discounted rates on other pages still apply).


Payment may be made either by UK Cheque or Pay Pal.
If you wish to pay by any other method please contact us first. Thank you