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Unfortunately, in this modern age there are many risks in foreign travel, and although twinning groups are, theoretically at least, travelling to friendly areas it is always worth checking that conditions at your destination are safe. The best place for such information is the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website which contains a wealth of current information.

Travel Insurance is advisable in all situations but for anything more than a weekend across the channel (and even then it is advisable) it can be vital if you are taken ill or involved in an accident.

There are many companies offering travel insurance including many offering very cheap insurance, but before you take out travel insurance please make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. make sure they are aware of any risk taking (winter sports etc.) that will be involved or any pre-existing health problems, otherwise you could find that the insurance company will not pay out.

If travelling as part of a group you may be offered travel insurance as part of the package, this can sometimes work out cheaper than taking private insurance.

If travelling by private motor vehicle you should check the legal requirements for the country you are visiting regarding such things as vehicle insurance, breakdown kits, first aid kits, tools, the transport of gas canisters etc.

Good sources of information are available at the AA or the RAC.who can also supply recommended route maps.

World Weather

To find the likely weather for your destination click on and you will get a 10day forecast for anywhere in the world

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This link will give you the time and date in any of the worlds time zones.

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Low Cost Airlines

These days there are many airlines offering low cost flights, mainly within Europe click here to visit our list of low cost airlines.